5 Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

When it comes to today’s web design point of view, responsive web design is the most important thing. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more hi-tech every single day. This is making mobile websites more important on a daily basis.


Smartphones and tablets have changes the experience that people have when it comes to website design. There was a time when web browsing was not so advanced on phones and tablets. This meant that website owners had the challenge of keeping their website the same, and this is the only challenge they had in terms of design.


There is much more that website owners and developers have to worry about concerning responsive web design. This includes things like: touch-screen, Adobe updates, and much more.


Some people invest all their time in SEO because they believe this will market their company. It is now time for people to invest in making their website mobile-friendly. This is because more phones and tablets are being sold than laptops and traditional computers. This means more people will be connecting to the Internet though mobile means.

What Is It?


Responsive web design is the art of making a website available in many forms. This means this size of the picture and words can change, and this also means that navigating through the website is easy. This is mainly for people to connect to the website using smaller devices than a traditional computer. This also helps the website owner save a lot of money. The website owner does not need to make a website for the computer, phone, and tablet. One website will be enough. It just has to adjust in the form of screen, text, images, and more.


The Many Advantages Of Responsive Web Design


A website that contains responsive web design is flexible in more ways then one. When going from a computer to a phone, all the words will remain the same, and they will glide across the touch-screen with no problem at all. Going further, when tilting a phone or tablet upside down or side-to-side, the webpage will instantly follow this motion. This helps the reader know that the webpage is alive (responsive).

It’s All About The User


Though great content is essential for any webpage, the content would be nothing without the user. It is the user that needs to bring the traffic to the website alive. Having a responsive web design make it all about the user. The user can get on any device and reach a specific webpage. He/she can do this without having to change the size of the screen at all. This helps busy people get the information they need in a quick amount of time.

Save Your Money

Another big reason why all people that have anything to do with web design should obtain responsive web design is to save money. Without responsive web design, a website owner must create the same webpage but for various devices; this means one for a computer, one for a Smartphone, one for a tablet, and one for any other hi-tech device that will come forth in the near future. The website owner can end up paying more to run the websites than what he/she is making in sales. Responsive web design is definitely the way to go.

Google Says Yes

An additional reason why responsive web design is king is because Google says yes to it. Google has stated that there is absolutely no danger in responsive web design. In fact, Google has called this more of a benefit. Here’s why: even if a website owner creates a webpage for every hi-tech device, the webpage will only be 100/% accurate on a traditional computer or laptop. This means the user of the hi-tech device will be stripped of useful information. This is just not acceptable because this can stop a sale.

Easy Management


One more plus about responsive web design is the fact that it is extremely easy to manage. Regardless how many devices this webpage is created for, only one website has to be managed at the end of the day; this means only one URL and HTML. Having a separate URL and HTML for many different devices can make a business owner crazy. It’s important to make the right management decision today and switch to responsive web design.